Not having luck finding the pet you want at the smaller rescue groups? Go to your local city shelters and humane societies! Small rescue groups like us pull animals from there, anyway!

Animal Care Centers of NYC →
Associated Humane Societies (New Jersey) →
Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter →
Yonkers Animal Shelter →

Looking for a purebred?

You can find any breed of dog (or cat!) in a shelter/rescue group that is looking for a forever home. 25% of dogs in shelters are purebred, so please consider ADOPTING your “dream dog” or “dream cat” and saving a life, rather than promoting businesses that sell animals to make money (there is no such thing as a "responsible breeder" when millions are sitting in shelters right this second). Follow the below steps:

  1. Go to or and search by BREED near your zip code.
  2. Google “(breed) rescue group” and find the organizations that specialize in the specific breed you are looking for. There are tons of breed-specific rescues that take in animals from all over (-oodles, French Bulldogs, etc).

Why Adopt?

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Foster Resources

Foster Help! →

Lost or Found Pets

If you lose or find a pet →

Emergency Vets:

Animal Medical Center (Manhattan) →
Blue Pearl →
Brooklyn VERG →

We Love Pibbles!

Pit Bull Myths vs. Facts →
Stand Up For Pits →
Villalobos Rescue Center →

Spay and Neuter?

Here's why →
How to Care For Your Dog After Spaying and Neutering →

Low-Cost Vet Options

Animal Alliance NYC →
Friends of Animals Spay/Neuter Certificates

Positive Reinforcement Training

Why Positive Training is CRUCIAL! - NY Post →
Pumpkin Pups →
The Peaceful Dog →
Instinct Dog Training (NYC and Englewood, NJ) →
Tuff Pup Training (Philadelphia) →

Feral Cat Help

Feral Cat Rescue Group →
Feral Cat Initiative →
Brooklyn Animal Action →

Other Organizations We Love Around the World!

Philadelphia Metro Wildlife →
Kilimanjaro Animal CREW (Tanzania) →
Brooklyn Animal Action →
Every Living Thing (Tanzania) →