Fostering: Temporarily Housing, Forever Saving

Fostering gives adoptable animals loving, temporary homes while we work to find permanent placements.

Foster pet parents are invaluable to our rescue mission. Overcrowded municipal kill shelters euthanize to keep incoming populations manageable, and for rescue groups like Shelter Chic, having a roster of reliable foster homes lets us save animals from euthanasia while giving us time to work on finding these pets their pawww-fect families!

Fostering also gives our adoptable animals time to relax and showcase their personalities. Animals often shut down in shelters, shying away out of fear and anxiety and getting overlooked by potential adopters. Fostering helps to get them out of the cage and into the limelight while they prepare for their next big adventure: ADOPTION!

Fostering is as rewarding for parents as it is for pets, and can be a great

option for people who want to help animals but can’t commit to long-term adoption. It’s also a great option for someone thinking about adopting but unsure if they’re ready for the commitment; temporarily taking care of one of our adoptable animals can help potential forever parents better understand what life with a pet is like!

No matter what the situation is, when you foster, you save a life.

If you’re interested in becoming a foster parent/personal superhero to a dog or cat in need, please fill out the following application(s). Once approved, we’ll pair you with the perfect pet to temporarily house (and permanently save).

Guidelines and Expectations:

  • Transporting your foster animal to/from vet appointments and adoption events is the foster parent's responsibility. If your foster pet is too big to tag along on the subway, Shelter Chic will reimburse for pre-approved taxis. When possible, please use shared ride services with lower fares or ask friends for rides so we can put our money towards the animals!
  • Dogs will come with a collar/harness and leash. Foster parents are encouraged to personally provide food, toys, treats, and other basic needs to their foster pets as donations.
  • When possible, Shelter Chic will provide litter boxes for cats.
  • Shelter Chic will cover all medical expenses (including prescription food, vet visits, medication).

Foster Resources

Remember- your foster pet has been through a lot! Please be patient and give the animal time to decompress and adjust to life outside of the shelter. Please refer to this list of guidelines and training tips to make the fostering experience a fun and rewarding one for both of you!