Adoption: My Happily Ever After

If you would like to adopt a specific animal from Shelter Chic, please click on that animal below to fill out an application.

If you are interested in adopting an animal in the future, or do not have a specific animal in mind, please fill out a general cat or dog adoption application. Once you are approved, we will contact you with animals looking for their forever homes based on what you are looking for/your needs.

**Unfortunately, we do not do adoptions outside of the Tri-State Area (unless under special circumstances, and you must come meet the animal).**

**If you already have a dog, you must bring him/her to meet the dog you are applying for.**

Adoption Fees:


Puppy (1 year and under): $400
Dogs: $350
Senior Dogs (7 years and above): $300


Kittens (1 year and under): $200
Cats: $150
Seniors (7 years and above): $100

**1 adoption fee per bonded pair

**Fee covers vaccines, microchip, spay/neuter, dog license


Female | Young German Shepherd

***Special Needs Dog*** Say hello to our very sweet, insanely cute (those ears!), special needs pup, Aloha. Though still a young pup at just 1 year old, Aloha does not get to act like it very often.

Chance the Rapper

Male | Young Pit Mix

“What’s better than yelling is hollerin’ love”, and that’s exactly what playful, 7-11 month old Chance the Rapper is wondering. We pulled this sweet guy from the Associated Humane Society of Newark where he had been surrendered by his previous owner due to "landlord issues"


Female | Young Lab Mix

*Perfect Family Dog!* Sister, sister! Lizzy and Desree are (almost) twin sisters! They are approximately 3 years old and around 40-50lbs. Although they were found as strays, their owner was contacted and informed that they were scared and depressed, waiting for him at the shelter. 

Freddie Mercury

Male | Young Domestic Shorthair

Fun loving and playful, 1 year old Freddy Mercury has just one request - “Find me somebody to LOVE!” Freddy would be a great addition to a home that already has a cat, although we believe he is around one, he still has his kitten personality.


Female | Young Pit Mix

Happy girl Jany sat at a shelter in Newark, New Jersey, for almost 3 months before we were able to pull her! She had a bad skin infection that had been left untreated for so long that resulted in her losing some hair and having red, scaly skin. 

Johnny Cash

Male | Senior Chihuahua

Tiny Johnny Cash is 11 years old and 11lbs. His past is a bit of mystery but we believe he was found as a stray by someone who then gave him to a friend. Johnny’s new owner gave him a home but didn’t seek the medical attention he so desperately needed. 


Female | Young Lab Mix

Sister, sister! Lizzy and Desree are (almost) twin sisters! They are approximately 3 years old and around 50lbs. Although the were found as strays, their owner was informed they were scared and depressed, waiting for him at the shelter. 

Minka- Adoption Pending!!

Female |  Senior Shih Tzu

**Special Needs/Fospice** Adorable Minka is 9 years old and 10lbs. She is a complete heart stealer and no one who meets her can help but fall in love. Minka was found as a stray, she is blind and has a congestive heart failure, but she is not letting that get her down.

Patti LaBelle

Female |  Senior Poodle

You're my heart, and my heart is yours.”, is the motto of adorable 15 year old Patti LaBelle. Patti was found as a stray and we have no clue how this perfect little lady ended up homeless. Patti is the perfect dog for anyone who enjoys long nights in front of the fire, cuddlefests and treat time.


Female | Young Domestic Shorthair

At around two months old, Raven was an adorable cuddle baby with tons of energy. Still playful, and very affectionate, her new favorite place to hang is on a human shoulder. She's a goofy character with beautiful markings.


Female |  Senior Shepherd

Low-maintence, easy-going gal, Rockette! Rockette is great with dogs of all sizes, cats, and children. She is extremely gentle, completely house-trained, and is a great buddy to watch TV with!


Male | Young Domestic Shorthair

Affectionate, adorable, TRIPOD Tresoro (Sweetheart in Italian)!! We pulled this snuggle bug from Town of Heampstead where he was brought in as a stray.