Adoption: My Happily Ever After

If you would like to adopt a specific animal from Shelter Chic, please click on that animal below to fill out an application.

If you are interested in adopting an animal in the future, or do not have a specific animal in mind, please fill out a general cat or dog adoption application. Once you are approved, we will contact you with animals looking for their forever homes based on what you are looking for/your needs.

**Unfortunately, we do not do adoptions outside of the Tri-State Area (unless under special circumstances, and you must come meet the animal).**

**If you already have a dog, you must bring him/her to meet the dog you are applying for.**

Adoption Fees:


Puppy (1 year and under): $400
Dogs: $350
Senior Dogs (7 years and above): $300


Kittens (1 year and under): $200
Cats: $150
Seniors (7 years and above): $100

**1 adoption fee per bonded pair

**Fee covers vaccines, microchip, spay/neuter, dog license


Female | Young German Shepherd

***Special Needs Dog*** Say hello to our very sweet, insanely cute (those ears!), special needs pup, Aloha. Though still a young pup at just 1 year old, Aloha does not get to act like it very often.


Female |  Young Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Pretty please with a Cherry on top, take a look at this pocket sized cutie pie! 2 years old, and just 33lbs, Cherry is the perfect addition to any family. Gentle with children and friendly with everyone.


Female | Young Domestic Longhair

Angelic, 2 year old, 9lb Celeste was surrendered to the shelter in quite a state. She is a little nervous around strangers, but once she knows you, she is sweet, loving and eager to cuddle.

Jada Lee

Female | Senior Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Beautiful, 7 year old Jada Lee was surrendered to the shelter after her elderly owner became too ill to take care of her. As terrifying as the move was for Jada, it might have been a blessing in disguise as Jada was living outside and not in great health herself.


Female | Young Terrier

At only a year old, and approximately 15lb, little Layla has had a rough beginning to her life. This adorable tiny terrier mix was found as stray, practically furless, and obviously suffering.

Master Mitchell

Male | Adult Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Master Mitchell was taken by previous owners to the Animal Medical Center for emergency surgery for a blockage...but they never came back to get him! The hospital called the owners every day for 30 days, but they ignored the calls and left Mitchell there.


Female | Adult Pit Bull Terrier Mix

5 years old and 40lbs, Molly is the perfect family dog. Good with dogs, cats and people, happy go lucky Molly has a big smile and a lot of love give! A volunteer writes: Good golly is Miss Molly ever soo sweet!


Female | Baby Domestic Shorthair

At around two months old, Raven is an adorable, cuddle baby with tons of energy. She's a goofy character with beautiful markings. She loves playing with her fish on a string, and has learned how to toss around tinfoil recently.


Male | Young Domestic Shorthair

Meet Ronaldo! Our friends at Animal Medical Center reached out  to us about this stray cat who was brought in to their hospital. It appeared that he had been hit by a car and suffered from trauma, resulting in a jaw fracture.

Sabrina- Adoption Pending

Female |  Adult American Staffordshire Terrier Mix

Five year old Sabrina was returned to the shelter she was once adopted from because, in the owners own words “I just don’t want her anymore”. Sabrina has obviously never received the love and care she deserves.


Male | Baby Spaniel Mix

10 month old, 16 lbs, spaniel mix, Spooky is all ready for Halloween, even though he has had enough fearful experiences to last him a while. Found wondering the streets by a Good Samaritan, Spooky got to spend a few days with them until they could get him to the shelter, so we already know he is a great family dog.


Female | Adult Boston Terrier Mix

Sweetheart is a wonderful, loving, snuggle bug! She really lives up to her name. 5 years old and 45 lbs, Sweetheart can't wait to show you how perfect she is. She is great with other dogs and children, but may try and chase active cats.


Female |  Young Domestic Shorthair

Wilma is around 2-3 years old and was brought to the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan as a stray. The doctors suspect that she was hit by a car because she had a bone protruding from her back limb.